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Creatanium Wallet app debuts by bringing digital currencies into Singapore's high-tech Funan Mall

Singapore, 2nd Jul, 2019

Mobile application Creatanium Wallet allows shoppers to use digital currencies for their meals at the newly revamped Funan Mall, one of Singapore's iconic electronics and IT meccas that officially opened last week after a three-year makeover, thanks to a partnership between local F&B group Kopitiam and international blockchain firm PLMP Fintech.

The Creatanium Wallet is a hybrid mobile app that acts both as a secured virtual storage for digital currencies and as a user-friendly gateway for cashless transactions. "We are not here to compete with the existing e-payment platforms, but to apply their successful model to digital coins", explains corporate finance expert Kym Kee, one of the ideators of the Creatanium brand.

Payments at the mall are made through the Creatanium Wallet directly from centralised ordering kiosks by scanning a dynamic QR code with instant conversion of the price from fiat dollars to tokens. "We created a seamless experience to show people that digital currencies function in the same way as their national equivalents", says Karan Bharadwaj, who coordinated the API integration between the two systems.

Taking inspiration from Apple's ecosystem strategy, PLMP Fintech has allocated part of its international blockchain team to the creation and continuous improvement of a hybrid digital wallet that allows for e-payments via QR codes and an exchange platform for trading and currency conversion, together with customer support counters across Southeast Asia to provide advice and assistance.

Ease of access is not the forte of today's crypto industry, where users are required to download several apps, create multiple accounts and go through repeated rounds of background checks (KYC) to purchase, trade, use or sell digital currencies. Through the Creatanium ecosystem, each service can be accessed under the same network for faster processing, convenience and the safety of handing personal data and assets to a single company that users can trust.

"The opening of the new Funan marks the official entry of digital currencies into everyday life", announces Nicholas Lim, the young techpreneur who conceptualised and launched the Creatanium token last year. Leveraging on the safety and convenience of its all-in-one ecosystem, the Singapore-made digital currency aims at being the pioneer to achieve the goal of mass adoption with the futuristic mall as testing ground before other partnerships are unveiled.

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