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Cryptocurrencies becoming the exclusive e-payment method for end-season Durian Fair

Singapore, 23rd Jul, 2019

Durian lovers were invited to experience the cashless era last weekend with a day-long buffet sponsored by international blockchain firm PLMP Fintech with premium varieties from Malaysia's Pahang region, including Musang King and Golden Phoenix, and payment exclusively made electronically by scanning QR codes through the Creatanium Wallet mobile app.

The price for the entry ticket was advertised and set in CMB, abbreviation of the popular Creatanium token that gained the limelight last month after becoming the first digital coin in Singapore to be accepted in the entire KOPItech food court at the newly revamped Funan Mall together with established first-generation currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. "This format was originally meant as an appreciation evening for our supporters one month after the launch of the Creatanium Wallet", admits PLMP Fintech's CEO Nicholas Lim, but the idea generated enough curiosity and interest from the public just by word of mouth that the company decided to change the format into an open Durian Fair.

This event is part of PLMP Fintech's vision to restore public confidence in digital currencies after a year of bear market and mistrust following the sudden fall of Bitcoin in January 2018. Same as for KOPItech, where the company has set a permanent booth with staff available the whole day to answer people's queries, the Durian Fair offered a leisure setting for visitors to experience crypto e-payments in their everyday life.

After the successful launch of the Creatanium Wallet at Funan last month, which set an example in the crypto world by allowing for the first time utility tokens to be integrated to a centralised and automated self-ordering system with more than 10 different vendors, other coins and exchange platforms have expressed their interest in the hybrid mobile application developed by PLMP Fintech to get access to mass adoption.

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